About DIYNexus.com

DIYNexus is a community site developed to centralize quality Do-It-Yourself guides. Currently, the site is focused on Volkswagen repair and improvement, but it will expand as additional D.I.Y.s are submitted and created.

This site was started in 2007 by two brothers that are VW enthusiasts who were unable to find a good source of VW DIY information on the web. Having worked on VWs for many years, and having many people asking how to do specific projects; led to this site as a place to share with everyone.

We understand that there are a lot of people with different skill levels when it comes to working on cars; our site has information for everyone, from the beginning enthusiast, to the seasoned mechanic that's worked on VWs for years.

There are a lot of great discussion forums for Volkswagens out there; but since D.I.Y.s posted usually get pushed out of view quickly on larger forums, we decided that we can act as a permanant store-house for this information. Our forums are devoted strictly to the D.I.Y.s, with most posts and replies being moderator approved, so there won't be any inappropriate comments.

About The Guys

Jus (DIYJus) has owned (and worked on) lots of VW's over the years. Currently, his daily driver is a 4-door, '90 Golf with a 2.0 ABA swap and a Neuspeed supercharger. His "toy" is a '93 Corrado VR6 turbo that has won it's class at Waterfest twice.

Jus' GolfJus' Corrado

Chris (DIYChris) has owned two VW's; a '91 Jetta GLI, and currently, a '98 Jetta GLX. He has taken upon himself the task of learning HTML and CSS to cobble this site together.

Chris' GLIChris' GLX


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